Our Values

Core Values of UHOH


Consistency and Perseverance

We encourage the action of being consistent with growth and individual goals. We believe in showing perseverance with difficult situations and support the ability to overcome hurdles.

Camaraderie and Honesty

Being truthful and honest is a value that is of high regard with UHOH. We believe that it plays a contributing factor to showing someone respect and camaraderie.


UHOH was created based on compassion. Recognising a need for assistance in the community and having the appropriate compassion to enable members to offer support is a core value to us.


Having the strength to overcome ones fear and limitations; shows courage and is an important value that our members demonstrate with the work that they do.

Conviction and Faith

Our members of UHOH have faith in Jesus Christ and believe that all the work we do is because of Jesus Christ’s guidance. We show faith by offering prayer and conversation with those who seek it and by offering support to those in the community in need.


Faith is shown by some of our volunteers in the work that we do and not in religion. Volunteers who are involved have faith in the principles that we at UHOH demonstrate; consistency, perseverance, honesty, respect, compassion and courage. They have faith in that these principles will assist in creating positive changes for those in the community.





We provide support and guidance to those in the community by uniting businesses and community members in making a change.  


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