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Fundraisers and Donations

United Hands of Hope holds regular Fundraisers to assist in maintaining costs associated with all our outreach projects. Why this includes costs of food, hygiene items, support items, equipment etc. It also includes licensing, permits, and insurance. We are forever grateful for the assistance that the community gives UHOH to continue this outreach. Without donations and support, this outreach would have still been the five of us (Wendy, Matt, Shandelle, Kaedy and Kayla) walking through the streets with our backpacks. The opportunity to now have access to a drop in centre, volunteers to assist, and financial support from others means everything to us. This allows us to continue this outreach on a much larger scale and continue helping those that need assistance.

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We provide support and guidance to those in the community by uniting businesses and community members in making a change.  


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